What we do

Shannon Ashleigh & Co. specialises in Skin Health. We work with a range of disordered skins including acne, eczema, rosacea, dermatitis and more.

Today we are seeing so many more skin disorders than ever before, our world is so full of pollutants, oxidative stress, radiation from screens and UV that we can’t just expect our skin to function without any care.

Our skin is our largest organ which is something we often take for granted. It does so much for us; allows us to feel, regulates our temperature, protects us from foreign substances, eliminates waste products and literally holds us together. At Shannon Ashleigh & Co. we take great care in respecting the skin and all it does. All of our treatments and products follow the principals of Corneotherapy; this means our aim is to protect, repair, and strengthen the Stratum Corneum (what we see as our skin) in order maintain optimal skin health.

A huge focus at Shannon Ashleigh & Co. is on holistic health, taking into consideration all aspects of ones lifestyle to achieve balance and therefore clear healthy skin; our skin after all is a reflection of our inner health.

All our products we use in clinic are cruelty free and vegan. We try and test everything on ourselves first to ensure we are offering you the best.



Hi, I'm Shannon, founder of Shannon Ashleigh and Co. and I know what it's like to let your skin rule your life. Growing up my skin was flawless. No matter what I ate, how little I exercised, I always had beautiful, clear glowing skin. Then, in my early 20s that all changed. I started getting breakouts on my chin, cheeks, jawline, around my temples and even little bumps on my forehead. I had no idea why I was getting them. My skincare routine (which was impeccable) was still the same, I hadn't changed my diet  - where did this acne come from???

It was such a shock to me, to go from having flawless skin to feeling like I didn't want to show my face anywhere. My acne completely took over my life. I didn't want to go out in public, or spend time with my friends. I wouldn't have my photo taken, I would NEVER leave the house without a full face of make-up, I felt alone, worthless, and embarrassed. I had absolutely no confidence.

So I started a journey, a Skin Health Journey to discover what worked for me and MY skin. Now I want to help other women on their own Skin Health Journeys. My mission is to give women the confidence to be comfortable in their own skin. I don't want ANY woman to feel what I felt, or let their skin control their life like I did.