Collagen Induction therapy is

By needling the skin we able to initiate a inflammation or would response. These responses have different effects on the skin and stimulate growth factors to reprogram our cells. 20,000 GF are relased

When needling the Epidermis we are stimulation redness, oedema

Epidermis Growth Factors - desquamation
Keratinocyte Growth Factors - expel congestion, corrects melanosome apsorbsion, helps Thickness of the skin.
Melanocyte Growth Factors - diffused pigmentation normalise and balance melanocyte.

TGF - Overall health check of the skin. Ensures we have what we need thought the skin.

In the Dermis would healing response petiquies (pin point bleeding) and renders
Fibroblast Growth Factors - Produces collagen and elastin
Platelet derived growth factor- control and maintain the correct vascular action within the skin
VGF - Vascular endolthial Growth Factor

Each CIT treatment includes our cellulose Epi - nouvelle mask which you can take home and keep on your skin for up to 4 hours.
This mask reduces redness, creates a strong barrier blast vlah

Enzyme Peel
As our cells regenerate and that are no needed begin to sloth off the enzyme peel encourages this process withough compromising the barrier of the skin. It’s a gentle form of exfoliation which will

This is a level two treatment and require the skin to be well prepared before we consider this treatment.