THE Handcrafted Facials

Your skin is as unique as your fingerprints and therefore a 'one size fits all' approach does not suffice. We have kept our facial menu simple as all our products and treatments can be tailored completely to you and your skin. We take great care in respecting the skin in our facials and all our treatments follow the principals of Corneotherapy. Our facials are massage and breath based to nurture not only your skin but your soul.

 Simply select the timeframe you would like and leave the rest up to us!

30 minutes | 80

60 minutes | 120

90 minutes | 160

ADD Extractions

For clearing of congestion, releasing breakouts and clearing debris from your skin. Add on to your facial or any other treatment treatment. This treatments can only be performed on skin which has been prepped under the guidance of Shannon Ashleigh & Co.

20 minutes | 15 


This new treatment is a must have for everyone! With the new epi nouvelle+ naturelle mask we are able to improve the skin's profile and support the natural regeneration of the skin. This unique mask has been created using skin-friendly biomaterial obtained from raw vegetable materials. It acts like a second skin and has a wide range of benefits such as cellular regeneration, improving skin texture and tone, reducing redness, swelling and itching. With the use of active ingredients it makes for one kick ass treatment you do not want to miss out on. You can also take this home with you and use it again within 4 hours of your treatment!

30 minutes | 95
Add on to any other treatment | 40

Some of the treatments included in our Handcrafted Facials:

Enzyme Treatment

Enzymes of fruit extracts give a gentle yet thorough exfoliation without impairing the skin's barrier. See immediate results of clear and calm skin, even skin tone, smooth texture and radiant glow. The Enzyme Treatment is included in our Bespoke Facials however if you are short on time this is a great treatment on its own. 

ALGae Treatment

Skin feeling a little dry and dehydrated? Our Algae Treatment hydrates, nourishes and softens your skin. An Algae mask is applied to your face, creating a humid environment between the mask and your skin. This allows for maximum hydration as the moisture absorbs into your skin and softens the pores for increased penetration of product. Suitable for all skin types.  


TONING Treatment

Lift, sculpt and tone your facial muscles with our Toning Treatment. This is a deep and firm massage of the face, neck and head designed to relieve tension and stress. Using a combination of pressure points and our unique signature massage techniques your face will feel lifted whilst also giving your skin  a healthy luminous glow from the microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. Not suitable for active acne or rosacea. 

DETOX treatment

For a dull and sluggish skin. Using earth minerals we are able to improve the clarity, texture and complexion of the skin leaving your with a radiant glow. Great for those with acne, congestion or even if you’re just needing a little pick me up.


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Skin Health Consultation

A thorough consultation to evaluate all aspects of your lifestyle which may be contributing to your skin problems
 60-90 minutes | 90

New Client Skin Package

Skin Health Consultation and 60 minute Handcrafted Facial. You will also receive a $150 credit to put towards products.
90-120 minutes | 250

Follow up consultation

Just after a quick refresh of your skin prescription or to check how you’re going on your skin journey.
30 minutes | 55