Welcome to our LED Room!

We know you'll love it here! Your treatment time is booked for 40 minutes so please don't rush!

  • Step One - Preparing your skin

    1. Cleanse your skin using the cleanser and hot towels provided. If your skin is already freshly cleansed you may skip this step.
    2. Pop the googles on your forehead (so you can still see).
    3. If you are using the head phones you may connect these now and put them on.
  • Step Two - Setting up the device

    1. Using the touch screen on the device select 'Signature Treatments'.
    2. Select the treatment you are needing by pressing the name of the treatment.

      If you accidently press the wrong treatment, simply press the HOME button to go back to the previous screen.
    3. When you are ready to start your treatment press the PLAY button AND the PLAY/PAUSE button. This will start the device.

      The lights will automatically come on in 3 minutes. During this 3 minute set up time please gets yourself ready (Step Three) on the bed for your treatment.

      You can check the device is on by looking for the green lights on the outside of the LED panels.
  • Step Three - Ready for your treatment

    1. Jump on the bed and get cosy!
    2. Start your music.
    3. Bring the LED panels down to your face by gently pulling the sides of the panels downwards.
      These can come as close as 15cm away from your face.
    4. Put your goggles on, covering your eyes.

  • Step Four - Relax and enjoy!

    Enjoy this time to yourself :)

  • Step Five - Ending your treatment

    When your treatment is complete the lights will turn off and the device will triple beep.

    1. Remove your goggles and gently push the LED panels upwards so you can safely get off the bed.
    2. Remove your headphones
    3. You may use our products provided to give your skin some extra TLC.
  • Step Six - Tidying up

    1. Press the HOME button the device.
    2. Please give the headphones and goggles a wipe over the with alcohol swabs available and hang them back up on the holder.
    3. Please give the room a little tidy to leave it as you found it so the next person can enjoy their LED experience too.
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