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Qi Beauty

NEW! Qi Homekit - Express

NEW! Qi Homekit - Express

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Qi beauty Home Kit with added Qi strips for faster application, faster results, and higher gradients.

Made for the eyes, forehead, hairline and naso-labiao fold to apply on-the-go with higher gradients for faster results.

Practitioner prescription to increase gradient concentration for specific facial zones or areas requiring greater lift.

Integrate with single patch matrix or use alone.

22 Strip of 3 micro magnet:

Use on eyes, naso-labial line, frown lines, cheeks, lips

11 Strips of 5 micro-magnets:

Use on brow, hairline, frown lines, neck, decollate

One sheet of strips contains strips of 3 micro-magnets and single strips of 5 micro-magnets.


- 5 sheets of single patch micro-magnets

- 5 sheets of strips

- One 7ml refillable spritz

- Instructions

- Vegan pouch

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