Shannon is absolutely amazing!! She helped me to understand having healthy skin and not thinking that antibiotics and steroids would fix it. She allowed for me to see using the right products work and the right ingredients can help 100%
She explained to me every step of my skin journey and checked in with me when she hadn’t heard from me. She would answer all my million messages about my skin! Today she has allowed me to love my skin.



I just wanted to thank you again Shan - from the bottom of my heart - for healing my skin and also for teaching me. I just felt absolutely radiant on my wedding day! My skin has never ever been this clear and I have never felt so confident. I have always been a chronic make-up wearer but for the last month I wore little to none - mostly none if I’m being honest! I still can't believe it. But to feel beautiful in your own skin is truly the best gift of all and I wanted to thank you for giving me that.

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